Tae Hi! I mostly will post things here that have Chris Colfer, Dylan O'Brien, and Grant Gustin and their work. I ship Sterek and Kurtbastian FANDOM ONLY, I stay away from Glee and Teen Wolf and do not care about their canon, both shows upset me too much so I am taking my favorite characters and be happy with fandom and fanfics for now on. I also ship Britin from QAF and I have a love hate thing with Gallavich from Shameless. Diana Argon and Naya Rivera are two lady Gleeks that I can't seem to shake off, they are gorgeous! I ship FANDOM ONLY any Glee female pairings, I am not picky! I prefer the fandom and fics over toxic canon any how! Same for Kurt, other than Klaine I do not mind other Kurt ships if they are written well, even Kurt/female. I will never like Klaine or Blaine, Darren and anything related to that man. This blog is LGBT+ friendly and supportive! I blog about many things, like seriously my blog has nearly anything that I fancy at the moment! I never know what I will blog about, but I will always for a fact blog about Chris So yeah hope you enjoy your visit! :)